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Collection of Python snippets

2021-12-04 On-going list of niche snippets for programming Python like an annoying know-it-all (also some actual good tips).

Persistant shared memory

2021-11-10 How to create a store in memory easily share and survive restarts etc… in pure Python

Using plots as ticks in PyPlot

2020-03-22 Another week another tutorial for something that you never thought about doing. Can we replace the ticks in a PyPlot figure with plots?

Getting the argument names of a function

2020-02-12 Is it possible to get the names of the variables given as positional arguments to a function? Yes, though it is a bit of a hack and probably nothing for real systems in production.

Computer Vision

Extract panels from comic pages

2021-12-04 How to extract the individual panels from a scanned page from a comic book.

Machine learning

WaveNet from scratch

2019-12-02 Today we are building a WaveNet from scratch. The WaveNet is an autoregressive, generative and deep model for audio signals.


Serverless captcha for static sites

2020-12-15 Can we include a CAPTCHA in statically generated web-sites to hide content from spammers?


Personalize your keyboard layout

2020-01-15 I adjusted my own keyboard layout and you should too. Here we will quickly see how/why to write a XKB layout file to extend ones keyboard layout.

Using a LaTeX macro package

2019-12-15 If your writing a lot of small documents all the time and do math in them it is a good idea to write yourself a macro package that contains personalized macros and functions to speed up your typesetting. Especially useful for University assignments and notes.